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Lotus Titan Pent Metal Shed


£1,049.00£1,349.00 + VAT

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A modern and stylish metal shed, the Titan gives you functional storage in a secure, attractive unit. Equipped with a flat roof and skylights that flood the space with natural light, and an extra openable window, the neat interior of the Titan is spacious and especially comfortable. Plus, with the hot-dipped & galvanized steel panels and frame, you’ll buy a secure, fully-weatherproof building. The foundation kit and expansion screw are included as standard.


  • Quality, neat and modern design with comfortable interior
  • Modern flat roof with guttering drainage system
  • Less visible screws, neat internal design, easy to assemble
  • Clad with 0.4mm hot-dipped galvanized steel panels
  • Internal with a 0.5-1.2mm reinforced hot-dipped galvanized steel frame
  • Pre-assembled double layer hinged doors and lockable (keys included)
  • Clear skylight, flexible and openable PC window
  • Expansion screws included to fix the bottom rails to concrete ground
  • Foundation kit and down pipes included

    Why buy the Titan Metal Shed?

    Easy</br> Assembly

    Comprehensive instructions provided

    Neat Internal </br> Design
    Neat Internal

    Less visible screws

    Modern </br>Appearance

    With sleek flat roof and skylights

    Weather </br> Resistant

    Steel exterior repels water and UV rays

    Key Features

    Strong Frame

    The shed’s cladding is reinforced with hot-dipped galvanized steel frames, offering exceptional strength and durability. This reinforced construction provides long-lasting protection and enhances the cladding’s resistance to impacts and external forces.

    Lockable Hinged Doors

    The shed has pre-assembled double-layer hinged doors that are convenient and secure. They come with a built-in locking mechanism and included keys, ensuring easy locking and providing peace of mind for the security of your belongings.

    Bright Interior

    The shed is equipped with a clear skylight and a flexible, openable PC window. The skylight allows natural light to illuminate the interior, while the PC window provides versatility and functionality. It can be easily opened to allow for ventilation and fresh air circulation inside the shed.

    Water Gutters

    The shed is designed with integrated water gutters. These gutters serve an important purpose by effectively collecting and channeling rainwater away from the shed’s roof. By efficiently diverting water runoff, the gutters help prevent potential water damage, ensuring the shed remains dry and protected even during heavy rainfall.

    Weatherproof Design

    Clad with hot-dipped galvanized steel panels, the exterior of the Anna is fully weatherproof with both water-resistant and UV-resistant properties. This not only keeps the shed in great shape, and your possessions protected, but it also reduces the maintenance to a simple clean with a wet cloth.

    In-Built Ventilation

    A pair of horizontal slat vents provide constant airflow in and out of the shed’s interior, keeping it ventilated at all times and vastly reducing the risk of moisture buildup and condensation. Ventilation can also be improved on hot days with the openable polycarbonate side window.


8×5, 10×8

Lotus Titan Pent Metal Shed
£1,049.00£1,349.00 + VATSelect options
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