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Lotus Phoebe Pent Metal Shed – Grey


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The Phoebe delivers storage with all the features and durability but at a size that works for you. With two small but efficient sizes to choose from, the Phoebe is built to be robust with its hot-dipped galvanised steel panels, ridged for additional stability and security. The latched doors reach up to head height, allowing easy access to the interior, which can be outfitted to meet your storage needs.


  • Available in two sizes: 5 x 3ft / 7 x 5ft
  • Compact-yet-tall storage cabinet design
  • Ridged steel exterior with 0.25mm width
  • Zinc-steel structural frame with widths between 0.5 and 0.8mm
  • Pent roof with low-pitch angle for smooth drainage
  • All metal is hot-dipped galvanised for rust-resistance
  • Either single or double doors with heavy-duty hinges
  • Tall door height to provide enough headroom for entry
  • Doors equipped with latch bolt and hasp & staple to ensure security
  • Versatile storage perfect for gardens of all sizes

    Why Buy the Phoebe Metal Pent Shed?

    Vertical Storage Space
    Vertical Storage Space

    Space-saving tall cabinet, perfect for tight spaces

    Unmatched Durability
    Unmatched Durability

    With ridged steel exterior and zinc-steel frame

    Two Efficient Sizes
    Two Efficient Sizes

    Compact yet highly efficient sizes

    Effortless Management
    Effortless Management

    Requires minimal care and maintenance

    Key Features

    Small Footprint, Big Storage

    Say goodbye to clutter with Phoebe, your ultimate storage solution! Choose from two efficient sizes which maximise storage without overwhelming your area. Organise with ease with this dependable metal shed by your side

    Smart Lean-to Design

    A space-saving marvel that can be situated against an existing wall or garden building. Made for those tight corners in your garden, enjoy added storage without sacrificing style.

    A Structure Built-to-Last

    Experience the power steel’s true potential, featuring a 0.25mm rigid steel exterior and a zinc-steel structural frame. Hot-dipped galvanised steel panels offer added stability, security, and rust resistance

    Pent Perfection

    Introducing the pinnacle of pent roof design! The innovative low-pitch angle of this metal shed ensures impeccable water drainage. This keeps your storage space dry and secure. Your possessions deserve nothing less.

    Choices at Your Doorstep

    Your storage, your way! Choose between single or double doors, each featuring heavy-duty hinges. The tall door height offers ample headroom for easy access, while the latch bolt and hasp & staple provide robust security.

    No Peeking In

    Privacy, security, and durability in one! Our windowless design ensures your belongings are safe from prying eyes. With added structural integrity, the Phoebe offers peace of mind.

Dimensions 5×3 Grey 7×5 Grey
Width 130cm 210cm
Depth 80cm 140cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 175cm 175cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 186cm 194cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 66cm x 170cm 132cm x 170cm
Door Height 170cm 170cm
Door Width 66cm 132cm

PLEASE NOTE: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.


5×3, 7×5

Lotus Phoebe Pent Metal Shed – Grey
£208.00£290.00 + VATSelect options
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