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Lotus Hypnos Apex Metal Shed


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Find strength and security in storage with the Hypnos Apex Metal Shed, available in three sizes. Made from hot-dipped galvanized steel with a zinc-steel frame, the Hypnos is completely weatherproof and provides easy access and space for bulky objects with its ramp and double doors. A polycarbonate window provides natural light inside, which is kept ventilated with four wall vents. An attractive modern horizontal slatted exterior means the Hypnos ticks all the boxes for a functional shed


  • Tall, bright, gorgeous design with horizontal slat exterior
  • Large interior space for multi-purpose storage
  • Apex roof provides easy water run-off and classic silhouette
  • Two in-built vents keep interior space ventilated and condensation-free
  • A single polycarbonate window provides natural light and brightness
  • Two extra large doors with additional ramp allow access for bulkiest of objects
  • Horizontal panels make the shed more stable and stronger
  • Metal-reinforcement on all columns offers additional structural strength
  • Corner protectors ensure shed integrity
  • Clad with 0.25mm hot-dipped galvanized steel panels
  • Interior 0.5-0.8mm hot-dipped galvanized zinc steel frame
  • Extra tall wall height 183cm/72.05” ensures the best walk-in experience even for verytall users
  • Three sizes available (11×10.5ft, 9x6ft & 7x4ft), each with a different colour

Why buy the Hypnos Apex Metal Shed?

Apex </br> Roof

A sloping roof allows quick drainage of rain and snow

Horizontal </br> Panels

Makes the shed more stable and stronger

Easy</br> Assembly

Comprehensive instructions provided

Secure </br> Design

Robust exterior and small window enhance privacy

Key Features

Tall Height

The tall height of the shed allows for seamless walk-in experience, even for very tall users. It offers ample headroom and comfortable clearance, accommodating individuals of varying heights with ease.

4 Patented Vents

The vents are strategically placed to optimise airflow and prevent condensation, ensuring a comfortable and moisture-free interior.

Clear Fixed PC Window

The clear fixed polycarbonate (PC) window allows for ample natural lighting during the daytime, reducing the need for artificial lighting inside the shed.

Lockable Door Handles

The door handles are designed to be lockable, providing an added layer of security to protect the contents of the shed.

Door Ramp

The ramp is designed to withstand heavy loads and provide a smooth and sturdy entry point for large objects, making it convenient for moving equipment or bulky items.

Wide Sliding Doors

The wide doors provide easy access for bulk objects, such as gardening tools, lawnmowers, bicycles, and more.

Colour and size

Green 7×4, Cold grey 7×4, Green 9×6, Cold grey 9×6, Green 11×10.5, Cold grey 11×10.5

Lotus Hypnos Apex Metal Shed
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