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Concealed weep vent


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The almost-invisible, multi-function wall weep for discharging water from external walls. Suited for use with the Timloc cavity tray system, over external lintels and on external masonry walls. Invisiweep has numerous patent-pending innovative features, including a venturi effect outlet tube that reduces water pressure, allowing for optimal drainage.

Invisiweep satisfies all NHBC requirements and meets British standards: BS5250, BS5628 and BS8215.

The 500mm Invisiweep extension provides the ideal solution for render and wide walls and can be easily cut to size on site.


  • Any situation where water must be discharged from an external wall, including:
  • At ground floor slab level
  • Within cavity tray systems
  • Over external lintels
  • On external masonry walls

Black, Clear, terracotta, Buff

Concealed weep vent
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